Pipe Organs

For All Customers the price of the kit is still Au$1379.00 + Postage + Insurance !!!
Postage and insurance depends on your address
Insurance is Currently Au$42.10 for Overseas Customers and Au$23.35 for Australian Customers

Australia Post has different prices for each Zone.
Austria = Zone 7, Belgium = Zone 7, Canada = Zone 4, China = Zone 2, Denmark = Zone 7, Fiji = Zone 5, Finland = Zone 7, France = Zone 6, Germany = Zone 6, Greece = Zone 7, Hong Kong China = Zone 2, India = Zone 3, Indonesia = Zone 3, Ireland = Zone 6, Israel = Zone 8, Italy = Zone 6, Japan = Zone 2, Korea, South = Zone 3, Malaysia = Zone 3, Malta = Zone 7, Netherlands = Zone 6, New Caledonia = Zone 5, New Zealand = Zone 1, Norway = Zone 6, Papua New Guinea = Zone 5, Philippines = Zone 5, Poland = Zone 7, Singapore = Zone 3, Solomon Islands Zone 5, South Africa = Zone 7, Spain = Zone 6, Sri Lanka = Zone 5, Sweden = Zone 6, Switzerland = Zone 6, Taiwan = Zone 3, Thailand = Zone 3, United Kingdom = Zone 6, USA = Zone 4, Vietnam = Zone 3.

Please note that at present we require payment in Australian Dollars
This can be done by Telgraphic Transfer or Bank Cheque in Au$
Or you can use PayPal..see below
You can check an internet currency site such as http://www.xe.com/ict/ for current rates.
USA customers
Craig Smith is our contact. (email shown below)
He will answer your questions is very knowledgeable about this kit (Constructor #001). However he no longer needs to take payment on my behalf as we now have PayPal operating
European customers
You may have to pay Duty 3.2% and Taxes (VAT) in your own country (but you are free from Australian Taxes)
We put the Taric code on the box to help.
Australian customers
The cost of postage is $42.10
Insurance with Australia Post is $23.35

If you have any queries whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact Tom Newsome or Craig Smith by email
You can email Tom at

Or Craig at

Replace (at) with @ of course !!

For your convenience if you use PayPal, the above prices have been added up and all you have to do is pick the Zone you require shipping to.
Total Price including Insurance and Freight

Please note that I will be away in Europe from June 20th 2018 to September 14th 2108. Please email me at newsome(at)amnet(dot)net(dot)au.
I will still be contactable by email and will resume shipping kits in September