Castlewood Pipe Organs

Build Your Own Busker Organ

Just what you've been waiting! The Castlewood Busker is an organ kit for the home constructor. It measures 375mm (15") wide x 300mm (12") high x 290mm (11.5") deep. It is made from best quality hoop pine and is cut by laser for the finest accuracy. The parts have edges like a castle, hence the name "Castlewood", which provide strong lightweight joints and is good from an assembly viewpoint.

All the drudgery and difficult bits have been done for you, but that does not diminish the skill of such a project. It means that you do not need complex tools or machinery to build it and the fun part is left for you. It also means that you can build and own an organ at an affordable price because you are the one building it.

Since John Smith brought out his Busker and others have adopted the same 20-note standard it seems commonsense to use the same standard. In this way we can all share the same music sources without being held to ransom by a single supplier. The organ has 20 pipes which are directly blown through holes in the paper. A pair of double acting bellows feed air to a reservoir and a pressure box. The pressure box contains the paper music roll which is pulled from one spool to another over a tracker bar. The only way out for the air is into this tracker bar when the holes in the music roll expose the holes in the tracker bar. Each hole is connected to a different organ pipe.


  • Easy to Build
  • Uses Standard 20-Note Music Rolls
  • Precision Laser Cut Wood
  • High Quality CNC Parts
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • A Fun Family Project

The Kit

To build this organ you will require glues and adhesives, stains, varnishes, paints or lacquers and a few general tools. eg ruler, pencil, sharp knife or scalpel, and a place to build it. eg table or work bench.

The plans and instructions are extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. Ambiguities have been removed where ever found. The kit even includes a pipe-cutter.

The final finish is left to the individual. It can simply be lacquered, varnished, or coated in polyurathane. Or you may choose to stain it first. Some may choose to paint it cheerful colours. For those who wish to do fancy cabinet work with marquetry inlays there are some beautiful Australian woods available as no doubt there are in many other places in the world.

Castlewood Organs Around the World

Map showing Castlewood Organs around the world

This is an ideal kit for all ages. If you are mechanically minded, you'll love it. Grandad can make one for and/or with his grandkids.

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